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Pet Cake Toppers

After receiving so many requests to create pet toppers in place of traditional bride and groom figures, I've now decided to officially offer personalised wedding cake pet toppers.
This is a wonderful, fun, alternative cake topper, allowing you to include your beloved pets in your special day and will guarantee more than a few smiles from your wedding guests!

Measuring 3 to 4 inches tall, I can design and create a bespoke topper of your dog/s, cat/s, rabbit/s etc. Bow ties or collars can be added at no extra cost, and the eyes can be painted to match the colour of your pet’s.
The toppers are made from polymer clay and will last a lifetime.
The standard white base is free of charge, along with your pet's name/s and the date of your wedding day.

This is available in black, silver or gold.
Of course you don't have to be getting married to celebrate your pets, how about a topper for birthday cakes, a special occasion or celebration, a memorial of your pet, or as a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved ones?
Feel free to contact me for a quote and details on how the whole process works.
Diary is open from early September.

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